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On Mother’s Day 2017 I was fortunate enough to compete on Gordon Ramsay’s new cooking show, Culinary Genius. It was aired on May Day bank holiday Monday 2017. The fast paced cooking show started with 9 contestants and over 2 rounds 9 became 3. The first round entailed peeling and dicing butternut squash into a 5 cm dice. The second round was portioning a whole chicken, as well as deboning the thighs. I was so pleased to make it to round 3 where we had 5 minutes to choose ingredients from a pantry and then 30 mins to cook a dish. I cooked a lovely butternut squash and chicken curry with pilau rice and avocado katchumber salad. I didn’t win but the feedback from Phil Vickery was very positive. I gained so much from this experience and it has definitely left me wanting more!