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Welcome to my Kitchen

All recipes are my own and inspired by my life and my travels. I hope you enjoy my site and my blog where I will be posting recipes along with restaurant reviews and travel adventures.

I promise to take you on a culinary journey of a lifetime!


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Hidden Treasures Fish House Restaurant Budaiya

What a find! The special kind of discovery where you just stumble across it and could very well have driven straight past. A classic case of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. This very basic restaurant serves up the most delicious fish and seafood at a very reasonable price.

Hidden Treasures Mithaas

Welcome to my second Hidden Treasure instalment. Mithaas is a restaurant I have been meaning to try for some time. It is a pure vegetarian Gujarati restaurant. My family are originally from the Gujarat, a state in India which is almost 100% vegetarian. As a result it is quite possibly the best veggie cuisine in the world. Gujaratis have learned how to use vegetables, beans and pulses in the most exquisite ways. This is the food I grew up with.

Hidden Treasures – Haji Gahwa

Every week I hope to bring you a culinary hidden treasure. Those places that foodie’s long to discover and locals want to keep as their little secret. These aren’t flashy, fine dining, celebrity chef establishments but serve the most traditional, exquisite food. There’s really nothing more satisfying than finding one of these gems.

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