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Welcome to my Kitchen

All recipes are my own and inspired by my life and my travels. I hope you enjoy my site and my blog where I will be posting recipes along with restaurant reviews and travel adventures.

I promise to take you on a culinary journey of a lifetime!


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A New Life (and an apology)

I have an apology to make Dear Reader. I’ve neglected my blog in recent months. The move to Bahrain made me lose my blogging mojo somewhat. Even though I continued to cook and post on Instagram and (of course) ate out (a lot!). Unfortunately I had what they call ‘writer’s block’. This post is going to be more about our move & the emotions involved and then once that is off my chest I promise I’ll get back to the business as usual of food!

Summer is here!

We were lucky to be invited to Taste of London by Shawbury Wines. We bought a LOT of vino which was delivered very promptly and will no doubt be drunk over the coming summer months. As usual a great day was had, full of food and drink. I found some wonderful sauces by The Sauce Shop.

Our South African Adventure Part 3 – Fabulous Foodie Cape Town

The final part of our amazing holiday in South Africa was spent in an absolute foodie wonderland. Rightly or wrongly the Michelin guide doesnt cover Africa. I personally think that if it did then SA would certainly give other world renowned restaurants a run for their money. The other side of the argument is of course that maybe the fresh exciting talent in SA and Cape Town in particular doesn’t need confirmation from an old crusty institution that they are absolutely fabulous!

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